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Dental Floss Explained

Dental floss is a thin thread that is either waxed or unwaxed. It helps remove food particles from between the teeth and under the gumline. Flossing helps you clean 35% more tooth surface than you would by just brushing your teeth. It’s recommended that you floss daily.

Dental tape is like floss, but flatter and wider. You use it in the same way you use dental floss. Some people find dental tape a little easier to work with because it is less likely to get caught between your teeth.

  • Other products that can help you clean between your teeth are: wooden and plastic sticks that can also massage your gums to stimulate blood flow
  • Proxi-brushes are tiny brushes with short bristles that help get into tight places between your teeth

Talk to your dentist about the proper way to use products that clean between your teeth without hurting your gums.

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